Performed By:  Pat Alger
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Sometimes I stop on my way home
To watch the children play
And I wonder if they wonder
What they'll be some day
Some will dream a big dream
And make it all come true
While others go on dreaming
Of things they'll never do

We're all just seeds
In Gods hands
We start the same
But where we land
Is sometimes fertile soil
And sometimes sand
We're all just seeds
In Gods hands

I saw a friend the other day
I hardly recognized
He'd done a lot of living
Since I'd last looked in his eyes
And he told his tale of how he failed
And the lessons he'd been taught
But he offered no excuses
And he left me with this thought

And as I'm standing at the crossroads
Once again
I'm reminded we're all the same when
We begin
And in the end.

We're all just seeds in Gods hands
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