You Wanna What
Performed By:  Alecia Elliott
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Album: I'm Diggin' It
Written by Alecia Elliott/Andy Bohatiuk/Bill Terry

(Intro:) A D A E A D Bm E A D A E A D Bm E

A     D   A            E              A
Some guys, ooh, they're really something
               D            Bm         E  A
They're always actin' like they're so hot
     D  A                E       A
And you, you don't seem any different
          D              Bm          E   D
I keep a wishin', but I guess you're not

           A    E         A
You wanna what?  I don't think so
D        Bm       E       A         D
I don't waste my time on guys like that
     A        E                A       D
You might be tough, but that's not enough
    Bm      E  E6  E (stop) <--(only on 1st chorus)
To make it last...     You wanna what?

(Instrumental:) A D A E A D Bm E

A     D    A        E               A
Those eyes, ooh, I see right through 'em
             D          Bm    E  A
The way you stare gives you away
           D        A          E           A
Don't even go there, ooh, you just don't get it
      D         Bm       E  D
Real love can't be that way

(Repeat Chorus)

(Instrumental:) A D A E A D Bm E A D A E A D Bm E


Bm  A  E                          A
Ooooh, don't you think you oughta be ashamed
Bm  A  E                          D         E    D
Ooooh, I hate to tell you I don't play that game

(Chorus x2)

(Instrumental:) A D A E A D

Bm    E    A    D A    E A D E A
Yeah, yeah-eah,   yeah
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