You Wanna What
Performed By:  Alecia Elliott
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Some guys, ooh, they're really something
They're always actin' like they're so hot
And you, you don't seem any different
I keep a wishin', but I guess you're not

You wanna what? I don't think so
I don't waste my time on guys like that
You might be tough, but that's not enough
To make it last... You wanna what?


Those eyes, ooh, I see right through 'em
The way you stare gives you away
Don't even go there, ooh, you just don't get it
Real love can't be that way

(Repeat Chorus)


Ooooh, don't you think you oughta be ashamed
Ooooh, I hate to tell you I don't play that game

(Chorus x2)

Yeah, yeah-eah, yeah
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