Where I Come From
Words:Alan Jackson
Music:Alan Jackson
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 2000 WB Music
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I was rolling wheels and shifting gears
'Round that jersey turnpike.
When Barney stopped me with his gun
Ten minutes after midnight.
Said "Sir you broke the limit
In that rusty ol' truck.
I Don't know about that accent son,
Just where did you come from?"

I Said "Where I come from,
It's cornbread and chicken.
Where I come from,
A lot of front porch sitting.
Where I come from,
Trying to make a living,
And working hard to get to heaven.
Where I come from.   

I was south of Detroit City.
Pulled into this country kitchen
To try their brand of barbeque,
Sign says "finger kicking".
Well I paid the tab and the lady asked me,
How'd I like my biscuit?
I'll be honest with you ma'am
It ain't like moma's fixed it.



I was chasing sun on 101
Somewhere 'round Ventura.
I had lost a universal joint
And I had to use my finger.
This tall lady stopped
And asked if I had plans for dinner.
I said "No thanks, Ma'am,
Back home we like girls that sing soprano."


(Instrumental:) E A B7 E A B7 E A B7 D A E

I was heading home on 65
Somewhere around Kentucky
The CB rang from a bobtail rig
That's a rolling on like thunder.
Well I answered him and he asked me
Aren't you from out in Tulsa?
No, but you might'a seen me there,
I just dropped a load of salsa.

(Chorus x2)
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