Let's Get Back To Me And You
Words:Alan Jackson
Music:Alan Jackson
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 1994 Seventh Son Music
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I'm always on the road
You're always all alone
And I'm not always there when I'm at home
But I'm ready for a little change 
I'm ready to accept some blame
So let's back up to yesterday

Let's get back in love
Back to dreaming of
All those little things we used to do
Let's start holding hands
Let's start making plans
Honey let's get back to me and you


It's not like it was 
When we fell in love
When all we had was enough
Well I don't like the blues
I like love that's true
Honey, let's back to me and you





(Chorus x2)

Well honey let's get on back to me and you.
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