It's Time You Learned About Goodbye
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
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I've been on the wrong side of the front door too often
watched you slam it in my face
I may learn the hard way - but I'm not a soft one
Tonight I'm standin' in your place

'Cause you taught me a lot about leavin'
Won't even have to try
So here's your lesson in heartache and grievin'
And a chance for you to cry
It's time you learned about goodbye


I've stood behind you, I've laid beside you
But I won't do that anymo-re
Cause I'm tired of bein' just he-re when you want me
Tonight I'm walkin' out that do-or

(Chorus x2)

It's time you learned about goodbye
It's time you learned about goobye

(Coda - guitar lick)
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