If It Ain't One Thing It's You
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
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I guess It's just not my day
The wind blew my morning paper away
Then I cut my toe on a sliver of glass
From that storm door you  broke when you left here so fast

If it ain't one thing it's you
If you've  heard that I'm goin' crazy, it's true
The wheels  seem to fall off whatever I do
If it ain't one thing it's you

Well, I rented that movie you hate
But that old VCR just chewed up the tape
Then I went to the freezer, thought I'd cook me a steak
All I found was that old piece of our wedding cake

(Repeat Chorus)

But I never knew that I needed you so
But now that I've lost you, I can't let you go

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh, if it ain't one thing... It's you
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