First Love
Words:Alan Jackson
Music:Alan Jackson
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
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I was fifteen, she was eighteen,
The prettiest thing I'd ever seen in my life.
An' I loved her at first sight.
I found her in Marietta, a town north of Atlanta.
I brought her home to see my folks,
They loved her too.

We were together for a long time,
Thought it would be for all time.
But things change and re-arrange, she had to go.
She left me cryin' in '79, an airline pilot in Caroline.
I was a wreck, can't drive a check:
It broke my heart.

My first love was an older woman.
There's been many since,
But there'll never be another.
Built in nineteen fifty-five, snowshoe white, overdrive,
I should've never sold her, I'll always love her,
She was mine.


Years went by, teardrops dried;
I got her back, I was surprised.
In '93, a gift to me on Christmas Eve.
We were both older, so I restored her.
Could've sold her, for a lot more.
But I will never, she's mine forever,
Until I go.


I'll never sell her, she's mine forever,
I love her so.
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