Dancin' All Around It
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 1997 Songs Of PolyGram
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She said I don't usually dance this close to 
strangers, You know a girl can't be too careful with
her heart, But I saw you and thought that you looked 
harmless, When you smile that way I'm not so sure you are

I said I don't usually come here for the dancin',  
You can tell that by the way I move, When I saw you
I thought that it was hopeless, And I just had to  
ask you for a dance or two

Somewhere in the stars it must be written, Girl    
we've got to take this chance that we've been given, 
If there's a heaven here on Earth I think we found it,
If this ain't love, we're dancin' all around it.

Music stopped and we're still holdin' each other, 
This feels like the beginning of forever,

(Repeat Chorus:)

She said I don't usually dance this close to strangers
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