Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 1991 WB Music
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Dallas packed her suitcase
And drove off in the brand new car I bought her
She made leaving me look easy
I wish she'd made it look a little harder
I took her out of Texas
When she was just a girl
But old Tennessee and me
Couldn't take Texas out of her

On how I wish Dallas was in Tennessee
If I could move Texas east
Then she'd be here with me
Then nothin' else would come between the two of us
If Dallas was in Tennessee

By now she's leaving Memphis
And everything we had behind her
Lord I hope the gold band on her hand
Will serve as a reminder
That true love is a treasure
That's very seldom found
But you can't stay together if there's no common ground

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh if Dallas was in Tennessee
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