Words At Twenty Paces
Performed By:  Alabama
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Just like a western movie a challenge has been made
a shot was fired in anger as pride stepped off the train
won't we ever stop this killin' me and you
'til our hearts are up on boot hill
and there's nothin' we can do

Words at 20 paces anger at high noon
this house ain't big enough for both of us it's comin' soon
we'll finish up our happiness and run hope out of town
with words at twenty paces lord it's love we're gunnin' down

How did we ever lose the dreams we used to share
the gentle touch, the words of love, the way we used to care
sometimes your words cut like a bullet in my side
oh, which is more important, wounded hearts or wounded pride

I've got my ammunition, I know you've got yours too
we know each other's weakness, lord the damage we can do
why can't we just step aside and put our guns away
Let love come like the cavalry, ride in and save the day
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