Tennessee River
Performed By:  Alabama
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Written by Randy Owen
Transcribed by Doug "'Bama rules" Smith

G6--0--       G--3--     G#--4--             
  --0--        --3--       --4--
  --0--        --4--       --5--
  --0--        --5--       --6--
  --x--        --5--       --6--
  --3--        --3--       --4--

4/4 time

(Intro:) A (4 bars)

A                       E
I was born across the river                
           D                  A
in the mountains where I call home.  
Lord, times were good there. Don't know why 
              D A
I ever roamed

(verse in live version on CD only)
This mountain king, 's done left his throne
On the Tennessee River and his mountain home
But I'm goin' back, leavin' today
to my homeland, so far away

(verse in live version on CD only)
Drivin' down to Dixie, wastin' no time
Back to the good life I left behind
Goin' to the river with my fishin' line
I'm on Lookout Mountain about suppertime

              A                    G6
Oh, Tennessee River and a mountain man,
         D                 A
We get together anytime we can.
Oh, Tennessee River and a mountain man, 
          D                         A
we play together in Mother Nature's band.

(Instrumental:) A G6 D A

A                               E
Me and my woman's done made our plans
                 D      C                    A
on the Tennessee River, walkin' hand in hand
G     G#        A                       E
Gonna raise a family, Lord, settle down
                D                 A
where peace and love can still be found.


(Repeat Chorus chords, faster, over fiddle solo)
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