Take Me Down
Performed By:  Alabama
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Fly away with me tonight... Take me on a one-way flight
In your lovin' arms... Everything's gonna be alright
You're the one who took my hand... No one else could understand
You're the one who moves me... like nobody else can

Take me down... where I wanna be
Turn around... this man who lives inside of me
Take me down and love me all night long
Hold me close and make me strong
Take me down... take me down tonight

In your eyes, I see a light... It's your emotions glowing bright
So keep the fires burning... let it warm me through the night
You can be a part of me... 'Cause you're what love was meant to be
You and me, baby... will set this flame inside us free

(Repeat Chorus)

You don't have to stay forever... Let's just put our hearts together
Share another night in ecstasy
We know that it's feeling better... everytime we get together
Maybe love was meant for you and me... Oh...

(Repeat Chorus)

...Take me down tonight...
...Take me down tonight... Ooooo oooooo
Take me down tonight... Ooooo ooooo
Are you gonna take me (take me) shake me (shake me)
Take me down tonight...

(Fade out)
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