Old Man
Performed By:  Alabama
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I had my rent-a-car flyin' down a two-lane road
Late for my plane again
Had to stop for some gas at this country store
That's when I saw the old man
He was kicked back workin' on a big R C
Watchin' Gomer Pyle on his little TV
Took him awhile to even notice me
Sittin' there I thought to myself

Old man (Old Man)
You got one up on me
I'm still lookin' for my shady tree
With your two gas pumps and your color TV
Your satisfied as you can be
Old Man (Old Man)
I guess you got one up on me

Well he finally strolled over with a big 'ol smile
Said "How ya doin, son?"
I said "Give me five dollars worth as fast as you can...
...'cause I'm really in a run."
He said "What's your hurry on a day like this?...
If you move too fast, there's a lot you'll miss...
If you wanna see what the good life is...
Just get out and visit awhile."

(Repeat Chorus)

Don't remember just what it was
The old man said to me
...But I forgot about catchin' the plane
And opened up the big R. C.

(Repeat Chorus)

You got one up on me Old Man      

(Repeat chorus, fade)
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