I Want To Know You Before We Make Love
Performed By:  Alabama
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Sometimes all you need 
Is someone to hold you
Sometimes that's all you're looking for
But I'd like to take the time
To get to know you
'Cause I don't want this time to be
Like all the times before

I want to know you 
Before I make love to you
I want to show you
All of my heart
And when I look into your eyes
I want to feel the love inside
I want to know you
...before we make love

I've learned from all those
Lonely nights with strangers
It takes time for real love 
To be found
I feel the invitation 
of your body
But I'd like to look inside your soul

Before I lay you down

(Repeat Chorus)

If we take it slow
together, together
We might make it last 

(Repeat Chorus)


I want to know you...
Before we make... before we make...
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