Is The Magic Still There
Performed By:  Alabama
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Is the magic still there whenever I hold you
Do these lips of mine send chills down your spine
Like they used to
Or is it slipping away, baby come out and say
I'm asking because I care
I just need to know is the magic still there

Oh, I still recall our first time together
Oh we kissed and we touched
We couldn't get enough of each other
And when we said goodnight beneath that old porch light
It left us wanting more
But I'm wondering now if time has somehow
Changed what we felt before is the magic still.


Is the magic still there


Am I still the one that you daydream of
When we turn out the light 
Is that fire in the night when we make love
Don't want to take you for granted 
So baby I'm asking only because I care
I just want to know


Is the magic still there
Is the magic still there
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