Carolina Mountain Dewe
Performed By:  Alabama
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Somewhere in the mountains... in northern Alabama
The Carolina lady waits for her man from Tennessee
Somewhere in a motel... out in Oklahoma
There's the Alabama dreamer
That same man from Tennessee

Sometime late at night... the lonely wakes her gently
And knocks at her door... but she won't give in
But like every other woman... She needs to feel wanted
She thinks of making love... and goes to sleep again

Carolina... dreamin' lonely
Carolina... can't you see
You will always be the lady...
That I dream of holding tight...
That I kiss and tell goodnight...
Carolina... mountain dew

(Key: C Major)

Sometime that next day... on a Mississippi freeway
The Alabama dreamer... is homeward bound
His conscious is as clear... as those green eyes of Carolina
And she's waiting with the baby from the love...
...of the only man to lay her down

Carolina... dreaming lonely
Carolina... can't you see
You will always be the lady
That I dream of holding tight
That I kiss and tell goodnight
Carolina... mountain dewe

Carolina... I love you
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