Old Dirt Road
Performed By:  Rhett Akins
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There's an old dirt road off of 33
Lord it's been so long since it's seen me
But I've put many a miles across its back
I used to kick up dust in the summer time
Running the Georgia, Florida line
A teenage train jumping off the track
Had the windows rolled down and beer cans flying
Bocephus on the knob and a coon dog crying

Now those days are gone in my rearview
Lord all the scenes have changed
And all the road are all brand new
When my home sick heart gets the best of me
I hit that old dirt road off of 33
I was running with a bunch of friends of mine
With nothing to do but shoot ole stop signs
Half the time with the law hot on our heels
We'd get cleaned up and go looking around
For a car load girls to follow us down
To a run down cabin and a party back in the fields
Oh God bless momma she never had a clue
But I got a feeling that my daddy knew

(Repeat Chorus)
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