More Than Everything
Performed By:  Rhett Akins
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Long before the first beats of our hearts
Some how someone knew 
That you belong here in my arms
And now that I've got you girl I'm amazed, everyday
How you make my life complete in everyway
But when I start to question
Just how on earth you found me
All I really do is stop and look around me

He chose the rivers where to run
Struck the match that lit the sun
He writes the songs the birds sing
Makes the flowers bloom in spring
But of all the things he's done
He made me for you 
And you for me 
And that's more than everything


My hearts telling me each time we touch
This love has always been bigger than the both of us
As I look in your eyes darlin now there's no doubt
I know your the one thing I could never live without
I'm forever thankful for all the gift in my life
And I fell there is someone smiling down on us tonight

(Repeat Chorus)
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