I Was Wrong
Performed By:  Rhett Akins
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Well, I know its late, but girl I just had to call
This just cant wait, cause I ain't slept a wink at all.
Since we said goodbye, and I know that I'm
the only one to blame.

I thought we were right, to turn and go our separate ways.
But I know tonight, that I can't stand another day
of being alone, trying to hang on
And I can't take no more of this pain.

I was wrong, to let you go.  
And now that your gone, my life's out of control
I was wrong, you told me from the start
I'd never find truer love, than the love in your heart.
Love so strong, you were right...
I was wrong

Girl could you find, a way to give us one more chance
A day at a time, maybe thats too much to ask
Cause your all I've got, believe it or not
Without you I know I can't go on...


(Half chorus)
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