I Brake For Brunettes
Performed By:  Rhett Akins
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I brake for brunettes
Blondes in corvettes 
Redheads I stop on a dime
Now the way I drive it's a wonder that I
Ever get anywhere on time
So don't tailgate my pickup truck 
Or you just might wind up in a wreck
Now they aint't made the sticker for my bumper just yet but

I brake for brunettes
I let Firestone put me some new tires on 
Just a few week ago
But man I swear that wear and tear
Is already starting to show 
Well I oughta just whistle or yell 
But man I can't help myself

(Repeat Chorus)

You'll see my big skid marks by the wave pool park 
And Judy's beauty salon
Lord I  tore up the street in front of betty's boutique
Where they come out with mini skirts on
Well I know I'm gonna wear out my tread
Down by Tina's tanning bed

(Repeat Chorus)
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