Heart To Heart
Performed By:  Rhett Akins
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I pulled in her driveway
Turned the radio down low
I sat starring at what she was wearing
Waiting by the front door
She came walking down them porch steps
Her daddy's pride and only innocence
The way she smiled
I knew we were gonna be

Heart to heart
Falling in love by the radio light
Underneath the stars
Nothings ever felt more right
Then being alone and lost 
In each others arms
Giving in to the raging storm
And cherishing every part
Heart to heart
We pull down a dirt road
Sitting close and moving slow
The moon light danced on a little romance
Going on in my old ford
She whispered softly as she closed her eyes
If we go to far don't apologize 
Cause there's no place that I would rather be

(Repeat Chorus)


They say that we're to young 
To know if love is real 
But all we know is what we feel

(Repeat Chorus)
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