Don't Get Me Started
Performed By:  Rhett Akins
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Well it was January, not the fourth of July
A snow white morning, and a clear blue sky
We were miles from nowhere,
But somehow another love found us
We were laughing and looking in each others hearts
Talkin' and touchin' (and) trying so hard
Not to notice what was going on all around us

There were fireworks flashing
Thunder clapping
Big waves crasing on the shore
There were church bells ringing, angles singing
All gathered around heavens door
Then we kissed and I saw the light
I could go on about this all night
Hey darlin' if you don't want to hear how the waters parted
Don't get me started

Naw don't get me started I'm warning you
Unless you've got an extra week or two
You know darn well how I get when you get me goin'
Naw don't get me taking 'bout us
About the day we fell in love
Unless your longing for a dose of strong emotion

(Repeat Chorus)
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