Performed By:  Trace Adkins
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Vs.1: I am grounded but I have wings to fly I just don't use them
      I just look up In the sky and keep em hidden
      Bound up In a cold contie
      Ti'll the world Is ritical a man with wings to fly

Chorus: But I will cry someday, I'll break these eyes away
        Then I'll be on my way, my way

Vs.2: I am feelin' though I donot shed a tear My eyes are dusty
      I have faced my fear of fears I'm shakin' by the coming on of the
years I am feeling man I cannot shed a tear


Vs.3: I am lookin' though I make my bed alone
      I've had lovers But I've had no one of my own But I can feel her
from the garden I have grown I am a lookin' man though I make my bed

Chorus 2: But I will love someday I will break this heart away
          Then I'll be on my way,my way

On my way someday, I'm gonna love someday!!:):)
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