See Jane Run
Performed By:  Trace Adkins
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Dick and Jane don't talk anymore, Jane lays awake
Wishin' it could be like it was before
Finally one night, she got tough
Dick came home, and she was packin' her stuff

See Jane run, see Dick cry
He's standin' in the street with his hands in the air
Goin' why Jane, why
She don't look back, she's seen enough
Close the book, the story's done, see Jane run

Dick's tore up, deep down inside
Jane feels good, there ain't a tear in her pretty blue eyes
Red taillights, fade out of sight
Spot's in the back, he's just along for the ride

(Repeat Chorus)


(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah, close the book, the story's done
See Jane run, oh see Jane run, see Jane run
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