Love You Like A Man
Performed By:  Trace Adkins
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From the time you were a baby you had this notion in your head.
Someone would come along and sweep you off your feet.
Like all those stories that you read.

Well if you're lookin' for salvation like some damsel in distress.
Girl there ain't no heroes on white horses.
At least I ain't seen 'um yet.

There ain't no knight in shining armor.
There ain't no never, never land.
And I won't ever walk on water.
I can only love you like a man.

Heaven knows I'm no angel. Just flesh and bones like all the rest.
I never claimed to have a halo
All I can give you is my best.

And I will never try to hurt you or even give you cause to doubt.
That my heart is yours forever.
Ain't that what true love's all about.


And I won't ever walk on water.
I can only love you like a man.
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