Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
Performed By:  Trace Adkins
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Album: Chrome
Transcribed By: Jimmy Egan

(Intro:) A

A                       F#m
Hold me like there's no next time
              D                E
Like it's the last time you'll have the chance to
A                    F#m
Show me how much you want me
             D    E
Like I'm the only thing that matters

F#m    D              A             E
No one knows when the world's gonna end
F#m           D            E
So let's make love like we never will again

             A         D             E          A
Cause if the sun never rises I wanna go down in flames
           A            D              E             A
I want the last thing I hear to be you whispering my name
         A        D         E            F#m
If every moment together is time that we borrow
     (Bsus)Bm          D       E               Bm  A
Then hold me tight and love me like there's no tomorrow

(Instrumental:) B A G# F# E D

I hope we live forever
And that day will never come but darling
I know if it ever happens
I couldn't imagine not being in your arms

There's so much we take for granted in life
So love me baby like we're running out of time

(Chorus x2)
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