I Can Dig It
Performed By:  Trace Adkins
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You say his memory is a habit that won't let you go I'll help you kick it
If you're lookin' for a ride on a real smooth road, I'm your ticket
If you're holdin' onto seeds you've been wantin' to sow
If you want to break ground I'll break out the hoe
If you want a little garden where's the lovin' can grow I can dig it

If you want to build a fortified house of love I can brick it
Name me somethin' that you want, any task too tough, I can get it, yeah I can get it
If you're lookin' for a man that can do all that
If you want your broken heart to be your last
If you want a big hole to bury your past I can dig it

If you're buying what I'm sellin' just say the word
And I'll roll up my sleeves, and baby I'll get to work
If you're sick and tired of a liar and cheater
If you want a true love 'til you meet Saint Peter
And drink from a well where the water's sweeter, I can dig it, yeah I can dig it


(Repeat last verse)
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