Big Time
Performed By:  Trace Adkins
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Get ready baby, we're going uptown
It's friday night, we're gonna get down
I thought you might like this brand new baby-blue dress
I figured out about a quarter 'til ten
We'll be partied out and headin' in
You and me alone darlin', doing what we do best

Big time, we're gonna have one
Big time, we're gonna grab some
Lovin' huggin' cuddlin' upin'
'Cause I'm in love with you
Big time

A little music, a sip of champagne
By candlelight, just doin' our thing
Let the crowd wonder what in the world happened to us
Well they can boogie woogie all night long
Let 'em dance 'til the cows come home
For what we want this old honky tonk ain't enough



Girl I'm talkin' about a...


Yeah I'm in love with you
Big time
Big time
Bu bu bu Big Time
I'm talkin' large
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