A Bad Way Of Saying Goodbye
Performed By:  Trace Adkins
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>From the Dreaming Out Loud album

You left without saying I love you
And that makes three days in a row
Now that you're tired of pretending
It's time that I let you know
I don't disagree with your feelings
We both need to find a new life
But this ain't the way we should end it
It's a bad way of saying goodbye


There must be a better way of saying it's over
Where nobody walks away with tears in their eyes
When you stay 'til regret is all you have left
That's a bad way of saying goodbye


When I think of you I'll remember
How you looked at me when we met
But the way that you're lookin' at me now
I'll do my best to forget
It's not your fault but it's not mine
We both made mistakes though we tried
So leaving without saying I'm sorry
Is a bad way of saying goodbye


That's a bad way of saying goodbye
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