Sunshine Special
Performed By:  Roy Acuff
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Thank you, Mr. Postman, for the letter you bring
It's from my little darling and she's comin' back again
I'll meet her at the station, this mornin' at nine
Sunshine Special, will be right on time.

Blow your old whistle, strain ev'ry nerve
Open up the throttle and straighten out the curve
Soon, I'll see my baby, then happy I will be
Sunshine Special, bringin' happiness to me.
Remember when she left me, she left me, oh, so cold
Maybe for love or maybe for gold
But now I know she loves me and longs to be mine
Sunshine Special, will be right on time.

See that engine rollin', she's Ballin' the Jack
Her wheels are hummin' Dixie and her headlight's on the track
Watch that engine swayin' as she's comin' down the line
Sunshine Special, will be right on time.

(Repeat Chorus)
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