Come Back Little Pal
Performed By:  Roy Acuff
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Recorded by: Roy Acuff
Writer: Roy Hall

Country Music Hall of Fame
Roy Acuff And His Smokey Mountain Boys
Capitol DT 1870

I am lonely tonight little pal
I'm lonely, I'm sad and I'm blue
There an empty spot in my life
And no-one can fill, only you

Please Come Back, Little Pal
Please come and stay
My heart is withered like a petal
Of a rose I saw dying today.

I am thinking of you, Little Pal
I'm thinking you, so sad
You're the pal that always loved me
Truest pal that I ever had.

Remember we walked in the moonlight
We walked, we talked alone
Was then that we were parting
And never again will we roam.

But think of me Little Pal
I'm am surely thinking of you
You're the only pal that ever
Was to me, so kind and so true.

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