The Sound Of Your Goodbye
Performed By:  Aaron Tippin
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Girl I've got scars and I've seen stars
From men nearly twice my size
Yeah, life's sticks and stones have broke a few bones
But I've always survived
So when I take a look at all I've took
It don't seem right to me
How a little bitty woman with just a few words
Could bring me to my knees

Sticks and stones wouldn't hurt a bit
Compared to the cold cruel words that just left your lips
I'd rather you pick up a rock, a stick full of thorns
Rear back and let 'em fly
'Cause those sticks wouldn't cut, stones hurt as much
As the sound of your goodbye

Yeah, I know I'm the reason for your leavin'
I'm to blame sure enough
It's like you say there ain't a woman made
That can live without true love
So if it's too late to set things straight
And there's no forgiving me
Then don't say nothin', just pick you up something
That'll end this misery

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