How Far It Is Over You
Performed By:  Aaron Tippin
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I left my car beside the hightway and I didn't lock the doors.
Left a note there with the keys sayin' take 'er friend she's yours.
Then I struck out across Texas gonn'a walk it line to line.
Now I'm half way 'cross New Mexico and you're still on my mind
This road thats goin' nowhere just leads me on and on
As I ask myself with every step will I ever be alone?

I wonder just how far it is over you
Is there no place I go that you dont come to.
When I left Tennessee I thought we were through
And I wonder how far it is over.

I was deep in California. When I finally made a friend.
It was me and that old hobo, 'til you showed up again.
Then he ran out of liquor, and I ran out of time.
Now I'm standin by the ocean, and your still on my mind
I'm starin' at the water, so blue and deep and wide.
Thought a man could lose a mem'ry over on the other side.

(Repeat chorus)
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