You Brought A New King Of Love To Me
Performed By:  Doris Day (1952), Frank Sinatra
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Sweet one, fairer than the flowers,
Never will I meet one sweeter than you;
Would you turn away, or could you really learn to care
If I ever dare to say, "I love you"?

If the nightingales could sing like you,
They'd sing much sweeter than they do,
For you've brought a new kind of love to me.

If the sandman brought me dreams of you,
I'd want to sleep my whole life through,
For you've brought a new kind of love to me.

I know that you're the slave, I'm the queen,
But still, you can understand;
That underneath it all, I'm a maid, and you are only a man.

I would work and slave the whole day through,
If I could hurry home to you,
For you brought a new kind of love to me.
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