The World I Used to Know
Words:Rod McKuen
Music:Rod McKuen
Performed By:  The Kingston Trio (1964), Glenn Yarborough
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Some day some old familiar rain 
Will come along and know my name.
And then my shelter will be gone 
And I'll have to move along.
But 'til I do I'll stay awhile 
And track the hidden country of your smile.

Some day the man I used to be
Will come along and call on me.
And then because I'm just a man, 
You'll find my feet are made of sand.
But 'til that time I'll tell you lies 
And chart the hidden bound'ries of your eyes.

Some day the world I used to know 
Will come along and bid me go.
Then I'll be leaving you behind 
For love is just a state of mind.
But 'til that day I'll be your man 
And love away your troubles if I can.

And 'til that day I'll be your man 
And love away your troubles if I can.
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