Performed By:  Skylark (1972)
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She's faced the hardest times you could imagine,
And many times, her eyes fought back the tears;
And when her youthful world was about to fall in,
Each time her slender shoulders drew the weight of all her fears,
And a sorrow no one hears
Still rings in midnight silence in her ears.

Let her cry for she's a lady,
Let her dream for she's a child;
Let the rain fall down upon her -
She's a free and gentle flower, growing wild.

Be careful how you touch her, for she'll awaken,
And sleep's the only freedom that she knows;
And when you look into her eyes, you won't believe
The way she's always paying for a debt she never owed,
And a silent wind still blows
That only she can hear, and so she goes.

(Repeat Refrain)

And if by chance I should hold her,
Let me hold her for a time;
But if allowed just one possession,
I would pick her from the garden to be mine.

(Repeat Refrain)
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