'Til Then
Performed By:  The Mills Brothers (1944), The Hilltoppers (1954), The Classics (1963)
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(Intro verse:)
My love will leave you never,
So kiss me goodbye and smile;
"'Til then" can't mean "forever,"
But it certainly could mean "a while."

'Til then, my darling, please wait for me;
'Til then, no matter when it will be.
One day we'll be together again - please wait 'til then

Our dreams will live though we are apart;
Our love I know will keep in our hearts.
'Til then, please think of me lovingly, and wait for me.

Although there are oceans we must cross 
And mountains that we must climb,
I know every gain must have a loss, 
So pray that our loss is nothing but time.

'Til then, we'll dream of what there will be;
'Til then, we'll call on each memory.
'Til then, when I will hold you again, 
Please wait 'til then.

Please wait 'til then.
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