That's The Beginning Of The End
Performed By:  Perry Como (1947), Nat "King" Cole Trio (1947), Jimmy Roselli (1970)
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When she don't sweet talk anymore,
Her kiss ain't like it was before,
It's time you added up the score, my friend -
That's the beginning of the end.

She keeps you waiting for a date,
Makes no excuse for being late;
Wake up and recognize your fate, my friend -
That's the beginning of the end.

What she's doing to you, she did to me;
But I was in love, so how could I see.
You'd better get wise, you'd better beware,
Or one of these days you'll turn around and she won't be there.
Don't say that you were never told,
I know that character of old;
When she starts straying from the fold, my friend,
That's the beginning of the end, that's the beginning of the end.
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