Star Eyes
Performed By:  Helen O'Connell (1943), The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra (1943)
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Star Eyes - that's the way you make my eyes shine
When those those lips of yours caress mine.
Just to have you by my side
Would leave me starry-eyed.

Star Eyes - lonely eyes you put a dream in, 
Eyes that only you're supreme in.
Don't you know it's just for you 
They sparkle as they do.

Though the stars aren't real,
I know they show how much I care.
Tell me how it makes you feel
To know you put them there.

Star Eyes - when, if ever, will your heart know
That it's you for whom these eyes glow?
Makes no difference where you are,
My eyes will hold your wishing star.

So kiss me and wish on a star.
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