Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme)
Words:Paul Francis Webster
Music:Maurice Jarre
Performed By:  Ray Coniff (1966), Frank Sinatra
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Somewhere, My Love, there will be songs to sing
Although the snow covers the hope of spring;
Somewhere a hill blossoms in green and gold,
And there are dreams - all that your heart can hold.

Someday we'll meet again, My Love,
Someday, whenever the spring breaks through.

You'll come to me out of the long ago,
Warm as the wind, soft as the kiss of snow;
Til then, My Sweet, think of me now and then;
God speed, My Love, til you are mine again.

(jazz instrumental-first four lines)
Someday we'll meet again, my love
I said "someday whenever that Spring breaks through"
You'll come to me out of the long-ago
Warm as the wind, and as soft as the kiss of snow
Till then, my sweet, think of me now and then
Godspeed, my love, till you are mine again!
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