So Rare
Performed By:  Gus Arnheim (1937), Guy Lombardo (1937), Jimmy Dorsey (1957), Ella Fitzgerald
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So rare, you're like the fragrance of blossoms fair,
Sweet as a breath of air, fresh with the morning dew.

Oh, you're so rare, you're like the sparkle of old champagne-
Orchids in cellophane couldn't compare to you, to you.

You are perfection, you're my idea
Of angels singin' the "Ave Maria."
For you're an angel, I breathe and live you
With every beat of the heart that I give you.

So rare, this is a heaven on earth we share,
Caring the way we care, ours is a love so rare.

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat last verse)

Ours is a love so rare, ours is a love so rare.
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