Sleepy Head
Performed By:  The Mills Brothers (1934)
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Sleepy Head, come on, get out of bed.
Ain't you heard the rooster crow? Must've been a week ago,
Good-for-nothing Sleepy Head.

Sleepy Head, see the sun so bright and red?
He's been up and ridin' high, but you just let the time go by,
Good-for-nothing Sleepy Head.

Sleepy Head, I'd take away that bed,
But you're such a lazy pup, you'd be sleeping standing up,
Good-for-nothing Sleepy Head.

Sleepy Head, underworked and over fed,
Gonna sleep the day away, "But this is such a sleepy day,
"I wanna be a Sleepy Head."

Sleepy Head, got to get you out of bed;
"You just stand around and shout until you get me tuckered out,
I'm bound to be a Sleepy Head."

Big boy, don't you know today is Sunday?
That's no day to lay around and doze.
"Sunday is the day I sleep til Monday -
That's the way I save my go-to-meetin' clothes."

Sleepy Head, you're gonna be a long time dead;
Gabriel's gonna blow his horn, but you won't hear it if it's morn,
Good-for-nothing Sleepy Head.

"I heard you!" Good-for-nothing Sleepy Head.
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