Round And Round
Performed By:  Perry Como (1957)
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Find a wheel and it goes round, round, round,
As it skims along with a happy sound,
As it goes along the ground, ground, ground
'Til it leads you to the one you love.

Then your love will hold you round, round, round
In your heart's a song with a brand new song,
And your head goes spinning round, round, round
'Cause you've found what you've been dreamin' of.

In the night you see the oval moon
Going round and round in tune,
And the ball of sun in the day
Makes a girl and boy wanna say.

Find a ring and put it round, round, round,
And with ties so strong that two hearts are bound,
Put it on the one you've found, found, found,
For you know that this is really love.

Find a ring, out it on,
For you know that this is really love, 
Really love, really love.
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