Oh You Crazy Moon
Performed By:  Mel Torme (1960), Frank Sinatra (1965)
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When they met, the way they smiled, I saw that I was through;
Oh, you crazy moon, what did you do?

And when they kissed, they tried to say that it was just in fun;
Oh, you crazy moon, look what you've done.

Once you promised me, you know, that this could never end;
You should be ashamed to show your funny face, my friend.

There they are - they fell in love. I guess you think you're smart.
Oh, you crazy moon, you broke my heart.

(Bridge 2:)
It was just a night like this when it happened;
I was such an unsuspecting soul.
And I couldn't quite believe that it happened
'Til it got beyond control.

Well, there they are, they fell in love; I guess you think you're smart.
Oh, you crazy moon, oh, you crazy moon, 
Oh, you crazy moon, you broke my heart.
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