No One Ever Tells You
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra (1958)
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No one ever tells you what's like to love and lose,
How it feels to waken and have breakfast with the blues,
How to go on living, how to face another day -
No one ever tells you the way.

No one ever tells you how it feels to walk alone,
Listening for those footsteps through the echo of your own.
Suddenly it hits you all those dreams weren't worth a dime,
'Cause no one ever tells you in time.

Long before the icy winds of winter,
Autumn tells the swallows, "Time to fly."
Why did she pretend, till the bitter end,
'Til it broke my heart to say, "Goodbye."

And no one ever tells you that it's just another fling;
No one ever warns you when your heart begins to sing.
Someone tells you later all is fair in love and war,
But no one ever tells you before.

It never comes easy, 
No one ever tells you before.
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