No, Not Much
Performed By:  The Four Lads (1956)
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I don't want my arms around you, no not much;
I don't bless the day I found you, no not much.
I don't need you like the stars don't need the sky;
I won't love you longer than the day I die.

You don't please me when you squeeze me, no not much;
My head's the lightest from your very slightest touch.
Baby, if you ever go could I take it? Maybe so
Ah, but would I like it? No not much

(Instrumental Interlude:  First 2 lines of song)

Like a ten cent soda doesn't cost a dime,
I don't want you near me only all the time.

You don't thrill me when you hold me, no not much;
My brain gets hazy from your cool and crazy touch.
Baby if you ever go, could I take it? Maybe so
Oh but would I like it? No, not much,
No, not much.
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