The Night We Called It A Day
Words:Tom Adair
Music:Matt Dennis
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (1943), The Pied Pipers (1943), Jo Stafford (1943)
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There was a moon out in space,
But a cloud drifted over its face;
You kissed me and went on your way
The night we called it a day.

I heard the song of the spheres 
Like a minor lament in my ears;
I hadn't the heart left to pray 
The night we called it a day.

Soft through the dark, the hoot of an owl in the sky;
Sad though his song, no bluer was he than I.

The moon went down, stars were gone,
But the sun didn't rise with the dawn;
There wasn't a thing left to say
The night we called it a day.
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