The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane
Performed By:  The Ames Brothers (1954)
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The naughty lady of Shady Lane
Has the town in a whirl;
The naughty lady of Shady Lane...
Me oh my, oh what a girl!

The naughty lade of Shady Lane
Has hit the town like a bomb;
The back fence gossip ain't been this good
Since Mable ran off with Tom.
Our town was peaceful and quiet
Before she came on the scene;
The lady has started a riot,
Disturbin' the suburban routine.

(Repeat Refrain)

You should see how she carries on
With her admirers galore;
She must be givin' them quite a thrill,
The way they flock to her door.
She throws those come-hither glances
At every Tom, Dick, and Joe;
When offered some liquid refreshment,
The lady never never says "no."

(Repeat Refrain)

The things they're trying to pin on her
Won't hold much water, for sure;
Beneath the powder and fancy lace,
There beats a heart sweet and pure.
She just needs someone to change her,
And she'll be nice as can be;
If you're in the neighborhood, stranger,
You're welcome to drop in and see

The naughty lady of Shady Lane
Has the town in a whirl;
The naught lady of Shady Lane
She's delectable, quite respectable,
And she's only nine days old!
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