Hawaii Five-O
Music:Morton Stevens
Performed By:  Don Ho
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These are the lyrics to the Five-0 theme song, as sung by Don Ho.
The song starts out with the usual pounding theme,
then it slows down to a slow ballad tempo.

If you're feelin' lonely
You can come with me
Feel my arms around you
Lay beside the seaaaaaa
We will think of somethin' to do
Do it til it's perfect for you
And for me too
You can come with meeeee.

So leave your world behind you
You can come with me
Sing a song I'll teach you
Live your fantasyyyyyyy
Love ya in a natural way
Doesn't matter what time of day
You and I play
You can come with meeeee

Won'tcha come with meeee

You can come with meeee.
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